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    Toronto Skyline Shaped by Sustainable & Tech-Forward Development

    Development Updates in Toronto:

    Sustainability is an integral part of commercial real estate development in the Toronto area. Firms like Cortel Group, Great Gulf, and Dream Unlimited plan to build unique, forward-thinking projects that will shape the future Toronto skyline.

    Here’s a look at the projects challenging the status quo in the Toronto development space.

    Great Gulf and Dream Unlimited Unveil Futuristic Mixed-Use Development Plans 

    On Toronto’s waterfront, an urbanist-inspired, mixed-use development project named “Quayside” is under construction. Built from a partnership between prominent Canadian developers Great Gulf and Dream Unlimited, the community will include five towers, 800 affordable housing units, a rooftop farm for communal gardening, and a 2.5-acre green space called the Community Forest. Furthering the project’s commitment to sustainability, the development team has opted to use mass timber material for the residential buildings, as it is a low-carbon alternative to traditional steel. Once construction is complete in 2030, Quayside will be one of Canada’s largest all-electric and zero-carbon emission developments. 

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    Cortel Group Renderings Reveal “15-Minute City” Suburban Neighborhood Concept 

    Early renderings have been released for The Orbit, a suburban neighborhood concept by Cortel Group focused on environmental sustainability, arts, transit, social interaction, health and wellness, urban agriculture, and more. The renderings reveal a circular landscape that pays homage to British urban planner Ebenezer Howard’s concept of the “Garden City.” The proposed landscape encourages diverse, dense communities and simplified transportation, with all amenities designed to be accessible by a 15-minute walk. A strategic plan outlining values for the community was recently released, though construction plans have not yet been revealed.

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