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    For Accountants

    With Northspyre, your accounting and real estate development teams are working off the same set of accurate numbers, without the need for the accounting platform to act as a real estate delivery tool.

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    Eliminate Time-Consuming Tasks

    With automation on your side, you don’t need to handle menial project management tasks. Say goodbye to last-minute requests for data entries or data pulls. When the primary system for cost tracking is Northspyre, your work is focused on the accounting work that needs to get done.

    How Northspyre Helps

    Better accounting starts with smarter record-keeping.

    Accelerate Accounting

    Eliminate searching through spreadsheets for costs and historic numbers with data that’s located in one centralized platform.

    Prevent Errors

    Benefit from automatic data entry across portfolios synced between your accounting platform and Northspyre to reduce human errors.

    Manage Budgets

    Access historic costs and budget parameters in minutes.

    Align Accounts

    Standardize data entry and reporting for consistent, accurate accounting — no matter who’s involved.


    How Northspyre Benefits Accountants

    Our features give you more than just time back in your day.

    Leave Your Planning Paper Trail Behind

    Increase revenue and performance, while decreasing stress and miscommunication. Connect with us today to see how we can help you take the reins of the industry.

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    How Northspyre Transformed Sterling Project Development

    In New York City, Northspyre partnered with Sterling Project Development, a premier fifty year old full-service real estate development firm to eliminate administrative burden and make data easily accessible to the full team.

    Before Northspyre

    • Hours spent building a complex spreadsheet that only one person on the team owned
    • Inconsistencies across spreadsheets needing to be manually reconciled
    • Manual data entry that required double and triple checking each number inputted

    After Northspyre

    • Minimized administrative burden and time spent on low-value tasks
    • Eliminated inconsistencies in project budgets, commitments, and invoices
    • Made project data easily accessible by the full team in a single source of truth

    The core product that you offer with the ability to easily track invoices and commitment against the budget is just very, very sound and intuitive.

    Andrew Wetzler Senior Project Executive | Sterling Project Development

    Other Targeted Solutions

    Explore our secondary solutions to find the right fit for your current needs.

    Northspyre Plan

    Planning and managing new and upcoming projects in error-prone and siloed spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Northspyre’s early project planning tool empowers modern real estate teams to develop and establish new project budgets, forecast spending, and execute early project tasks and milestones.

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