Say goodbye to 

time-consuming data entry, 

error-prone spreadsheets, 

missed deadlines 

and ballooning budgets.

Say hello to Northspyre.

We automate tedious project workflows. 

You get higher returns on your projects.

Northspyre technology helps modern real estate teams deliver projects 

on-time and on-budget across major cities like New York, Boston, Atlanta and more.

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Leading Real Estate Developer
Leading Real Estate Developer
Leading Real Estate Developer
Leading Real Estate Developer
Leading Real Estate Developer
Leading Real Estate Developer
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Leading Project Management Firm
Leading Project Management Firm
Leading Project Management Firm
Leading Project Management Firm

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Chris Visiko-Knox | Madison Marquette

"I’ve been looking for project management software for years but we always ended up using spreadsheets and paperwork. Northspyre fit in as something that was missing, to be able to visualize how the job is coming along in an entirely new way."

Madison Marquette is a national real estate developer with 23 million square feet of property across the U.S.

Before Northspyre:

"Northspyre has been a rock for me. I’ve been able to lean upon it. What really captured me was the usability of Northspyre. I’m not getting in a small cheap vehicle. I feel like I’m getting into a well-tuned German sports car."

Success with Northspyre:

Don't just take our word for it - hear from our happy clients.

Immediately save valuable time, reduce project delays and save big on project costs.


80% of

time-consuming workflows

A typical project team spends

20-30% of total work hours every year on low-value administrative tasks like compiling requisitions, tracking vendors and logging change orders.




Like a digital assistant project manager, Northspyre smartly identifies actionable insights, next steps, challenges and opportunities for your project.




Reduce project delays



And save approximately 2-10% on total budget

Endless paperwork and bottleneck 

decision-making during 

planning, design and construction 

are the most common causes of 

project delays.



Smart. Modern. Analytical. 

Northspyre puts you and your team in the driver's seat.

                                  The Status Quo

[-] Error-prone, complicated spreadsheets

[-] Clunky legacy software

[-] Inconsistent + fragmented data

[-] Minimal forward-looking analysis of information

[-] Labor-intensive tracking + administrative tasks

[-] Lack of visibility into project details

[-] Project reporting limited to 12 times a year


[+] Intuitive user experience + immediate project integration 

[+] No information silos + reduced reporting errors

[+] Easily accessible 3-dimensional project + portfolio data

[+] Seamless tracking of tasks, milestones + financial data 

[+] Elimination of data entry + reduction of admin tasks

[+] 360° visibility for smarter, faster, better decision-making

[+] Ability to share real-time, as-it-happens project updates


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Have questions? We've got answers. 

What is Northspyre?


Northspyre is a cloud-based project management platform that harnesses the power of automation and data analytics to:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Save valuable time
  • Eliminate inefficiencies
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Generate key actionable insights
  • Increase visibility into project metrics

Northspyre was designed and built specifically for real estate professionals who run complex, budget-driven projects: developers, asset managers, third-party project management firms, internal real estate teams at institutions and corporations, etc. It is not construction manager software force-fitted to real estate owners. 


How is Northspyre different from other project and cost management software used by real estate teams?


Most software systems move the work you were doing in spreadsheets into the cloud or a desktop application... but you still have to do all the time-consuming work like data-entry and putting together requisition packages or cost reports. Northspyre takes things a step further by eliminating entire workflows by leveraging the power of automation, while using its intelligence to proactively comb through your project data and offer critical insights and actionable next steps.


Is it an accounting software?


No, Northspyre is not an accounting software - it does not cut checks or manage a general ledger. It is a project management solution with a central focus around project costs and timelines for complex real estate projects.

However, keeping with Northspyre’s user-friendly focus, the platform can output costs for direct upload into your accounting system. Think of it as a replacement for Excel (your spreadsheet) except 100x more powerful.


How does the pricing work? Are there long-term contracts? What about hidden fees?


Our pricing is tailored for each different customer segment and our clients’ individual project needs. For frame of reference: pricing can be monthly, lump sum (for a project's duration), based on license tiers for multiple projects in an organization, etc. We'll make it work for your business model. Just ask.

And there are no hidden fees. We are completely transparent and work with you to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting when you sign up.


Does Northspyre export to Excel and PDFs?


Absolutely. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share real-time information with your key stakeholders.


When is the best time to bring Northspyre into a project?


We recommend looping Northspyre into your project at the very beginning - when you are planning, designing and getting the necessary entitlements. Most real estate teams pay close attention to the construction schedule once ground-break happens BUT many delays actually happen before a project even starts construction due to delayed decision-making.

For example, if a project lead is busy working on requisitions, they may fall a day behind in releasing an RFP for demolition contractors or filing permit paperwork. Add up 1-3 days lost every month for a year and your project is already 1-2 months behind before you've even started construction. Northspyre can help with that.


Can I start in the middle of an ongoing project?


Definitely. In fact, we make it super easy by porting over all of your existing data from spreadsheets or ledgers (whatever you have) into Northspyre. You just keep running your project and, over the course of 2-10 business days, we'll handle everything on the backend. We'll also do a peer review to identify any errors or discrepancies -- we often find inconsistencies in spreadsheets that clients were completely unaware of previously.


Sounds great! How do I sign up?


Schedule a demo today to learn how Northspyre can help deliver your next project on-time, on-budget and with fewer headaches. 


Made for real estate professionals, by real estate professionals. 

Meet the team. 

William Sankey

Co-founder, CEO


B.A. Architecture, Yale

Masters, Real Estate/Planning, Harvard

Full-Stack Web Development, Udacity

Previous Experience

Jones Lang LaSalle

Macklowe Properties 

Madison Realty Capital


B.S. Math + Mech. Engineering, UPenn

Masters, Mech. Engineering, UPenn

Previous Experience


Princeton Consultants

Samsung Electronics

VP, Engineering

Andrew Tam

Mark McCorkle

Co-founder, CTO

Previous Experience



Bratton Technologies


Proclivity Media

BluePrint Data

Meet members of our Advisory Board.


Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

Thomas Fanning

Managing Partner

Biddle Real Estate Ventures 

Peter Chavkin

Eric Stern

Managing Director 

BlackRock Alternative Investors

Northspyre Incorporated

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