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    Careers at Northspyre

    Join the Northspyre team and shape the industry that builds our world.

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    Mission and Vision

    At Northspyre our mission is simple: We believe real estate professionals should be empowered to make better, smarter, faster decisions by harnessing automation and data-analytics across the design, development and investment in building our cities. 

    We aim to transform the real estate industry through a well-designed and intuitive platform. We are pioneering the first real estate development command center and are an early leader in the vertical. We are the platform of choice for over 1,900+ in projects valued at over $125 Billion, with a lot of room to grow in the $2 Trillion U.S. development market. We successfully closed our Series B in 2022 and continue to be backed by some of the most successful venture investors in the industry.


    Our Culture

    We are a diverse group of passionate and driven individuals who believe in the platform we are delivering to the real estate industry. From the software engineers who are building our platform, to our real estate transformation consultants who work with our clients every day, each team member is instrumental in the success of Northspyre.

    When you talk to Northspyre teammates, you will hear consistent themes about what makes our culture special.  Those themes revolve around working with a diverse group of high achievers in a collaborative and inclusive way, an emphasis on transparency and openness, and huge opportunity for growth and impact. 

    While we have been a fully remote work environment since 2020, we prioritize opportunities to engage virtually and in-person.  


    Our Values

    At Northspyre, we have 10 core values that define our intentions for sustaining a strong culture and high performance.  They can be summarized in three themes: You deliver more than expected faster than expected, you care a lot,   and you are driven to excellence.  If these resonate with you, we encourage you to look through our open opportunities and throw your hat in the ring!

    Our values shape our daily actions and decisions, and at every monthly all-hands we love to recognize team members who demonstrate our values, with our InSpyre Award. 

    How We Work


    You are an overachiever who produces a high volume of important work quickly, gravitates to action and solutions, and has a “how-we can” mindset


    You seek out data, not opinions, apply frameworks based on the significance of decisions, and analyze potential outcomes


    You seek to understand and prioritize the most impactful work and you focus on consistently delivering results

    How We Work Together


    You listen actively, ask questions respectfully, provide regular insight to your work, and adapt your communication style to ensure understanding


    You encourage differing perspectives to make decisions, collaborate effectively with everyone, and actively diffuse gossip and marginalization of people


    You seek what is best for Northspyre rather than what is best for you, you make time to help colleagues. “That’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary


    You give and take feedback openly, don’t shy away from tough decisions or topics, are able to disagree and commit, and respectfully challenge the status quo

    How We Grow


    You don’t settle for good enough for yourself or others and you inspire others with your humility and drive for excellence and growth


    You learn eagerly and rapidly, make connections that others miss, and seek to understand areas outside of your own for higher impact


    You thrive on change and keep us nimble by minimizing complexity, challenging assumptions, and discovering better solutions

    If you’re interested in working with us, here are some things to know about our typical interview process!

    • You’ll get to meet with one of our recruiters first, so we can get to know you and you can get to know more about Northspyre
    • For technical roles, you’ll have a technical screening and interview
    • You’ll meet with the hiring manager
    • You’ll be asked to prepare a case study or exercise and present it live to a panel of people you’d be working with - this is actually the most important part of the process and where you get to see what it would be like to collaborate with us on your work!

    Note to all Candidates:

    Northspyre will never ask for your financial information or to pay a fee as part of our interview process.  All legitimate communications with candidates will come from @northspyre.com email addresses, so please check carefully before you provide sensitive information to anyone!

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