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    For Project Managers

    Northspyre equips project managers with actionable insights. You unlock informed, data-driven decisions.

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    Eliminate Low-Value Tasks.

    With automation on your side, you can transcend menial project management tasks. Eliminate 80% of your administrative tasks without hiring an assistant, spend 80% less time on low-value tasks in less than 2 months, and deliver projects as much as 8% under budget with Northspyre’s real estate project management software.

    Challenges Project Managers Face

    Project Errors

    With Northspyre, eliminate the price and stress of human data entry error with easy-to-use automation.

    Decentralized Technology

    Get reports and data in one centralized system for faster decision-making.

    Capacity Issues

    Gain more time with automated reports and processes.

    Limited Visibility

    See into key data with Northspyre and eliminate silos across teams.

    How Northspyre Benefits You

    Our real estate project management software gives you more than just time back in your day.


    How Does it Work?

    Northspyre is a cloud-based intelligence platform that empowers real estate development teams to achieve easier, more predictable outcomes on even the most complex projects With sophisticated automation and data, you dig deeper and see further ahead at every project lifecycle stage — without having to start from scratch.

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    Leave Your Planning Paper Trail Behind

    Increase revenue and performance and decrease stress and miscommunication. Connect with us today to see how we can help.

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    Case Study

    How Northspyre Eliminated Paperwork at Denham Wolf

    Northspyre eliminated the extra paperwork for the team at Denham Wolf, with significant financial impact.

    Before Northspyre

    • Heavily reliant on spreadsheets and felt the inefficiency of double or triple checking output
    • Searching for a way to standardize processes, increase consistency, save time and manage documents
    • Wanted to provide relief to smart, highly-trained staff that were bogged down in tedious administrative tasks 

    After Northspyre

    • Leveraged automation to expedite invoice approval process and reduce time wasted on tedious admin tasks
    • Enhanced overall quality control and efficiency, project-to-project, for increased customer satisfaction
    • Empowered lean project team with intuitive, easy-to-use software that ultimately improved quality of life

    It's just a big time-saver. You push 2 or 3 buttons and you're done, versus [how long it would take us] before.

    Ron Innocent Director of Project Management, Denham Wolf

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