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    For Internal Real Estate Teams

    Drive down development costs and build effective, efficient and repeatable workflows with Northspyre.


    How Does it Work?

    Northspyre is the purpose-built, single software solution designed using automation to reduce manual data entry, increase productivity, and maximize your returns from pre-development to project completion. Our cloud based platform enables you and your teams to ensure every aspect of your project is readily at your fingertips for simple and effective project management.

    Explore Northspyre

    Enabling Internal Real Estate Teams to $175 Billion in Projects

    Forecasting Certainty

    Northspyre provides accurate and detailed visibility into every aspect of your projects, alerting you to potential overruns and cost savings.

    Data Accuracy

    Industry leading data automation ensures that all of your data is accurately organized across your portfolio. 

    Effective Strategy

    Northspyre empowers your team to make important decisions based on data, making you more effective and profitable.

    Unmatched Visibility

    Quickly view the progress and historical data on every project in your portfolio, have secure access to your projects on any device, any time.

    Case Study

    Changing The Way GMH Develops

    Enhancing project visibility with the support of Northspyre experts

    "The biggest issue was, was our time. I can't stress that enough, our time, our time, our time"

    Before Northspyre

    "We were utilizing, an Excel spreadsheet that was put together on a monthly basis to try and assist us with our draw process. Combining that with the numerous PDFs of invoices, statements from our banks and trying to as best we could to jumble together our draw packages for our lenders. That's what really took time, it was a very involved process every month almost recreating the wheel, we knew we needed to find a better way to operate instead of repeating ourselves every 30 days"

    After Northspyre

    "The biggest difference with Northspyre was it was really catered to real estate developers, not the design and construction teams that there's numerous software packages for. We looked at those packages and they're really not geared towards true real estate development that was seeing the infancy of a project budgeting with the various consultants, design professionals, other vendors, legal counsel etc. Seeing the infancy of a project from the financing through to development, through the completion, through the lease up, Northspyre is catered to real estate developers.”

    "Each of our lending partners require different details and Northspyre's able to cater to each of their needs"
    Shaun Gallagher VP of Development

    The Northspyre Difference

    80 %
    Increase Efficiency Reduce Administrative tasks by up to 80%
    66 %
    Reduce Overruns Lowering your project overruns by up to 66%

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