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    Real Estate Development Technology: Why Adoption is Crucial to Success

    In this exclusive interview, Serge Reda, Fordham University Real Estate Institute professor, industry executive, and technologist, discusses new and emerging technologies for real estate developers and how development teams can leverage CRE technology to prosper against the odds in 2023. 
    During the interview, you’ll learn: 
      • Why technology is a catalyst for increasing your firm’s profitability 
      • Why your firm should take a competitive stance by retaining staff during this economic downturn
      • And why high-quality data used by sophisticated technology can help mitigate your financial partners’ perceived risk
    Don't miss this opportunity to better understand how modern technologies can give you an edge over your competition, even in a downturn. 

    Watch the Full Interview


    “We're getting smarter and we're getting faster as we're budgeting our projects. We're getting more realistic because we can rely on the power of that historical data so that we're making sure that we're able to produce the most competitive results when looking at a prospective investment.”

    – John Meany, Acquisitions and Development Manager at Presidio Bay