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    Real Estate Developers in Los Angeles Remain Hard at Work This Summer

    Development Updates in Los Angeles:

    This month, Los Angeles developers are working hard on new affordable rental complexes, hotel renovations, and mixed-use residential developments. The developments promise to breathe new life into the city’s already vibrant real estate landscape and aim to meet housing demand and attract visitors. Here are the development updates on several exciting projects across Los Angeles this summer.

    Affordable Apartment Complex Comes to City View District 

    Construction is underway on a 121-unit affordable apartment complex in Los Angeles. Named the Ingraham Apartments, the 7-story complex will include studio units, a parking garage for residents, a rooftop deck, a landscaped courtyard, and a street-level community room. The project will provide much-needed affordable housing options in the area and has an expected completion date of late 2023.

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    Construction Continues on Downtown LA’s Hotel Clark

    With a storied past riddled with public criticism and prolonged construction, Los Angeles’s century-old Hotel Clark - located in downtown LA’s Historic District - is under construction. The hotel stands and will remain at 11 stories and include 348 rooms upon completion. For now, an opening date has not been announced by the property’s owner.

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    New Retail & Residential Space in LA’s South Park District

    A mixed-use residential and retail development known as The Eden is currently under construction in downtown Los Angeles’s South Park District. The project will include 235 housing units, parking spaces, and 9000 sq. ft. of commercial space. Two hundred twenty-three apartments will be market-rate units, while the remaining twelve will serve as affordable housing. The project is expected to be completed by 2024.

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