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    St. Louis Real Estate Market Poised for Growth in 2023

    Development Updates in St. Louis:

    Real estate developers are breaking ground on several projects that will expand upon and transform St. Louis’s infrastructure over the next decade. From mixed-use projects along the Missouri river to plans for a 20-mile greenway, here’s a look at the projects real estate developers should be aware of in St. Louis this year and beyond.

    St. Charles’ Riverpointe Development

    Clayco is continuing the development of a new mixed-use project aimed at transforming the riverfront property along the Missouri river. The project will include the addition of parking, retail, restaurants, office space, multifamily developments, and entertainment - such as a Chicken N Pickle pickleball facility - to the area. Developers are hopeful that it will turn a flood-prone commercial and residential space into an attractive destination for visitors and residents and bring approximately 4,000 new job opportunities to the area.

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    Brickline Greenway Project

    Great Rivers Greenway is working on a project that will connect 17 neighborhoods and span up to 20 miles of pathways. Named the Brickline Greenway, the project will include a trail and various amenities and is expected to take five to ten years to complete.

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    39 North Agtech Innovation District

    A 600-acre agriculture technology innovation district built by Creve Coeur’s just celebrated its five-year anniversary. Over $60 million has been invested in the district’s infrastructure to date, and there are plans for the addition of multiple mixed-use developments in the years to come.

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