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    Pittsburgh Real Estate Market: Long-Anticipated Projects Take Off

    Pittsburgh has been recognized as being in a state of transition for a while now. The city was once an old steel town and has since transformed into a modern-day tech hub. We are seeing many new development projects around the city that have been at the heart of this transformation. Below are notable projects that are truly taking Pittsburgh to the next level. 

    What’s New?

    There will be a new addition to the Pittsburgh skyline in Lower Hill. The development site is anchored by the headquarters for the First National Bank and is going to be a 26-story, $240 million development. In addition to the tower, more than 1,000 residential units are planned along with a music venue, hotel, and retail space.

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    Hazelwood Green is a new project that is set to open this year. The new offices, built for tech and nonprofit firms, were once an abandoned steel mill. They will now be home to innovation centers from both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. 

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    Once the largest shipping hubs between New York and Chicago is now being turned into an industrial-style office space. The Highside is located on the Southside and is estimated to cost around $100 million. Phase one of the development is complete and the East building and Powerhouse Buildings are next.

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    Allegheny Center will become “Nova Place” on the Northside and turn old offices and parking spaces into modern common areas, updated workspaces and a fitness center. The budget for the project is set to be $100 million.

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