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    New Adelanto Towne Center & Topgolf Come to San Bernardino

    Over the past few years, San Bernardino County has been on an upward trend in almost every category. Whether it is the population growth, job growth, development pipeline, or diversity, the area is booming. Being the largest county in the US, it is a perfect place for real estate development.

    What's New?

    San Bernardino has the most substantial rate of retail growth, and it is one of the main reasons the county is currently doing so well. There is no sign of slowing down with new retail developments currently underway.

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    As the county is doing so well and growing rapidly, vacancy rates have been at a steady decline for the past few years. This, however, causes the rent, especially for industrial land, to be increasing throughout the area.

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    Exciting Projects Transforming San Bernardino

    Construction has begun on the Adelanto Towne Center project developed by Lewis Retail Centers. The roughly 13-acre project will consist of restaurants, shopping centers, a car wash, a gas station, and more retail outlets.

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    Although it is not a large mixed-use development, San Bernardino is expecting the completion of its first TopGolf Development in the area. This is big news as it's Southern California's first adoption of the new technology/game and is expected to bring many people to the county. TopGolf appeals to people of all ages with different interests, and the hope is that it continues to fuel the county's population and retail growth.

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