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    Memphis Development: Major Projects Coming in 2022

    Development firms near and far are planning and proposing major development projects that will change the city of Memphis. Hotels, industrial properties, affordable housing, and mixed-use projects are in the works for this unstoppable city. 

    Development Updates in Memphis

    Phase 7 of the ongoing Thornwood Development out in Memphis will include one of the most expensive residential developments in the area. But why is this building one of a kind? 

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    Tom Intrator, a New York developer, is moving forward with his proposed Pinch Development project. The developer filed for a zoning variance for the $1.1 billion development that will transform downtown Memphis. Check it out here to finally get an inside look of what Intrator is planning for the Pinch district in Memphis. 

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    The industrial development firm based in Atlanta, Robinson Weeks Partners,  is developing the Southridge Crossing Project in Memphis. The industrial development is located near the world’s biggest freight airport, the Memphis International Airport and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. 

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    Look out Memphis, new hotel developments are popping up all around you. As of January 2022, 49 hotels are under construction or in the planning process in Memphis. 

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