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    Local Developers Reshape & Revitalize Suburbs Around Atlanta Georgia

    Development Updates in Atlanta:

    Atlanta’s suburbs are facing a renewal in 2023 as local real estate developers breathe new life into dated properties, retail stores, office spaces, and parks around the city. Local development firms are expanding upon conventional, cookie-cutter suburban layouts with plans to redevelop public transit infrastructure and develop new residential, commercial, and public spaces. Here’s a look into the exciting new projects set to reshape Atlanta’s suburbs.

    Gwinnett Place Mall Redevelopment

    A team of local officials and consultants have crafted a 20-year plan to turn the Gwinnet Place Mall into a mixed-use district touting 3,800+ residential units, offices, shops, restaurants, green space, and a cultural center. The construction will accompany a revamped transit hub offering new bus routes, including a rapid transit route running along Satellite boulevard. Once approved, Gwinnet Place Mall - a property built in 1980 that has since fallen into disrepair - will transform into a lively, transit-oriented neighborhood for Atlanta’s residents.

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    Remaking Doraville City Center

    Atlanta-based firm, Kaufman Capital Partners, plans to transform the Doraville City Center - a destination known for its international cuisine and variety of local retailers - into a central hub for residents, workers, and visitors to enjoy. Kaufman has proposed the addition of new apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, and government facilities to the city center and expects to release its preliminary project plan early this year.

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