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    Posts by Northspyre

    April 12, 2022
    California Digest

    San Diego Real Estate Developers Focus on Urban Development Models

    San Diego is focused on developing mixed-use and urban infill projects which will increase the city’s density in the... Continue Reading
    April 7, 2022
    Ohio Digest

    Cleveland Real Estate Developers Are Hard at Work on These Projects

    New developments and rehabilitation projects are popping up all over Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs. Continue Reading
    April 5, 2022
    Georgia Digest

    Atlanta Real Estate Market: In a Bind Regardless of Remote Work Trend

    The pandemic has brought on a lot of changes, most of which are anticipated to fade. However, with employers slow to... Continue Reading
    March 31, 2022
    California Digest

    Real Estate Developers in Los Angeles Work on Exciting New Projects

    It is a very exciting time for Los Angeles and the surrounding area with several new development projects underway or... Continue Reading
    March 29, 2022
    Illinois Digest

    Industrial Real Estate Development is on the Rise in Suburban Chicago

    While Chicago development is hot overall, industrial development is especially picking up in areas surrounding downtown... Continue Reading
    March 24, 2022
    Florida Digest

    Jacksonville Real Estate Market: The Heart of a Growing City

    Jacksonville's downtown is set to undergo revitalization led by the Jacksonville Downtown Investment Authority. Continue Reading
    March 22, 2022
    Kentucky Digest

    Louisville Real Estate Market Remains Poised for Big Gains in 2022

    Like many other cities, Louisville has experienced unforeseen struggles brought on by the pandemic. However, the city’s... Continue Reading
    March 16, 2022
    Illinois Digest

    Chicago Office Buildings Will Soon Be Occupied, but for What Use?

    Although the need to work from home due to COVID-19 is waning, many companies are planning to continue a hybrid work... Continue Reading
    March 15, 2022
    Ohio Digest

    Investments Coming to Columbus Led by Intel and Stonehenge Real Estate

    Intel is leading the charge with new investments pouring into the Columbus area. Plans for a $20 billion semiconductor... Continue Reading
    March 10, 2022
    California Digest

    The Riverside Housing Market is Expected to Boom

    The Riverside City Council just approved the opportunity for 20,000 new homes to be built by 2029. The city had some... Continue Reading

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