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    Why Real Estate Teams Should Maintain Institutional Knowledge

    Institutional knowledge is invaluable to your real estate team.

    Whether that's knowing that a certain vendor hasn't been reliable in the past or that a specific material can have the same aesthetic effect for half the price, each piece of knowledge you gain after a finished project becomes a differentiator for your project delivery team. 

    When this data is stored on an individual team member's computer, or worse, in a physical file, your team likely won't be utilizing important information during their day-to-day decision-making. And if they do decide to dig into their computer or file cabinet to find historical information, it may eat up a significant part of their day just searching for it -- time which would be better spent ensuring projects are coming in on time and within budget.

    Real estate project delivery teams that can instantly access all of their projects' historical data in one single source of truth will have a substantial competitive advantage over the teams that spend their days rummaging through file cabinets -- physical or digital.

    Learn how to operationalize your data for easy access when making critical decisions on all of your future real estate projects in the infographic below. 

    real estate teams preserve institutional knowledgereal estate development project delivery

    cut real estate development costs



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