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    Commercial Real Estate Developers: Get a Head Start on 2020!

    Just because 2019 is coming to an end doesn’t mean strategic planning for 2020 should slow. In fact, now is the perfect time for commercial real estate developers, owners, project management firms and corporations to set strategy and identify modern technology to supercharge their project teams as we head into the new year. 

    For many organizations, 2020 marks the culmination of an ambitious five year growth or vision plan. Perhaps your organization achieved all that it set out to accomplish five years prior. Or, maybe you’re still trying to tick a few boxes before we enter the next decade. Northspyre can help. 

    Have you noticed that other high-skilled sectors (like finance, manufacturing and energy) use 21st century, data-driven technology to increase efficiency, productivity and returns? The commercial real estate market is estimated to be valued at $16 trillion and growing, yet professionals continue to rely on outdated, status quo processes and strategies -  that look not all that dissimilar from the way things worked in the 1980s - to deliver projects. It’s time for CRE to take advantage of more sophisticated software and technologies that capitalize on the endless data generated during the planning and delivery of complex real estate projects. 

    [Whitepaper] Why real estate developers' mindset on technology needs to catch  up.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to ring in the New Year with a plan of action to modernize your organization by:

    • Upgrading your technology and shifting away from error-prone spreadsheets or clunky, legacy applications

    • Leveraging automation to eliminate the time-consuming and costly administrative tasks (think: data entry, copying, scanning, collating, and more!) currently bogging down your project team

    • Harnessing your treasure trove of data to accurately forecast (in real-time) what’s going to happen on your project 6 months to a year out while also taking advantage of comprehensive portfolio benchmarking analytics 
    • Empowering your project team to make proactive, data-driven decisions on even the most complex project (or across an entire portfolio) to achieve easier, more predictable outcomes

    • Producing fast, sophisticated reporting with real-time digital sharing capabilities that impresses executive teams and investors while helping to win more clients (if you're an owner's rep)

    If any of this aligns with your near-term or long-term priorities, you should consider implementing a technology that was built specifically for you and your team to succeed. 

    We understand that the end of the year is always busy for real estate professionals - especially those looking to win last-minute clients or reach a certain development milestone before vendors and investors go on holiday.     

    Surprisingly though, the lull of late December is actually the best time to assess and implement new strategies and technologies so that your organization can start the new year on strong footing. 

    So get a jump start on those New Year’s resolutions by learning more about Northspyre, a sophisticated intelligence platform designed to help project teams deliver even the most complex real estate projects on-time and on-budget. Upgrade today.

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