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    Redesign, Inc. Makes Quick, Informed Decisions on Project Budget, Scope, and Timelines

    Discover how Andy Hestness, Executive Director at Minneapolis community development corporation Redesign, Inc., leverages Northspyre to tighten reporting to investors, uplevel his approach with firm partners, and make smarter project decisions.

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    How Redesign, Inc. Leverages Northspyre's Platform

    Redesign, Inc., a community development corporation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has found a solution to its real estate software needs in Northspyre. As the executive director of Redesign, Inc., Andy Hestness, attests, "We've been very satisfied with Northspyre for our needs for real estate software. I would say it can work for us, it can work for you."

    The Challenge

    Before Northspyre, Redesign, Inc. was tracking its real estate development projects individually through spreadsheets. This method was not only time-consuming but also inefficient as it did not allow for the collection of information in the most usable way. As Hestness explains, "we had real estate development projects tracked in individual spreadsheets, so we were not really able to collect that information in the most usable way."

    The Solution

    After considering various platforms, Redesign, Inc. chose Northspyre for its flexibility and customizability. As a nonprofit organization, the responsibility of stewarding resources efficiently and effectively is paramount. Northspyre offered a solution that allowed them to consolidate information across multiple real estate projects in one place. "Northspyre was a tool we brought in to really be able to track and consolidate information across all of our multiple real estate projects in one place so that we could have better information for our board and better information for decision-making within the organization," Hestness explains.

    The Result

    With Northspyre, Redesign, Inc. was able to streamline their processes. When an invoice comes in for a project, it's sent to Northspyre, where the AI on the system tags and codes it to the correct project and expense line. This allows the staff to verify the information before it's sent for final approval, making tracking expenses easier and more efficient. 

    Hestness says, "It's allowed us to really have that sense of: Where are we today in this project? And it gives us much better information to be able to make those quick decisions about: Do we have the budget room to take this contract on? Does it fit within our project scope?"

    Additionally, Northspyre has allowed Redesign, Inc. to share information with their partners, who might not have the same level of experience or sophistication in their systems. "We've been able to bring in additional users so our partners can have access to the same data we do, and that allows them to learn the process of real estate development, and then hopefully do their next project and not need our support," says Hestness.

    In conclusion, Northspyre has been an invaluable tool for Redesign, Inc., providing an efficient and effective solution to their real estate software needs. As Hestness summarizes, "So we feel like it's been a great choice of software platform for us."

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