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    Make Confident Decisions

    Spend less time searching decentralized information and more time getting immediate answers to pressing issues. With Northspyre’s data analytics tools, you can successfully command exceptional projects.

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    Real Estate Data Analytics

    Northspyre smartly indexes all of your contracts, proposals, change orders, potential costs, and more on your project, so you can easily search and track project performance. That way, you stay proactive and in command of the critical parts of your business.

    Common Issues We Address

    Disorganized Data

    With Northspyre, you’re freed from inefficient legacy systems and manual labor with automatic uploads, aggregated information, and smart dashboards.

    Uninformed Decisions

    With the backing of real-time data, you’re set to make smarter, more proactive decisions at a moment's notice.

    Limited Visibility

    Populate your data into easy-to-understand project dashboards for instant, real-time visibility across portfolios.

    Manual Updates

    Northspyre eliminates static spreadsheets and the time needed to enter and track data with the power of automation.

    What We Analyze

    Capitalize on Your Insights

    6 %
    Save on Projects Save as much as 6% on project costs
    66 %
    Reduce Overruns Reduce cost overruns by 22-66%

    The Data and Analytics Process

    Here’s how Northspyre helps.

    How Northspyre Intelligence Benefits You

    Greater Returns

    Base initial project plannings on indexed historical cost data for smarter buyout decisions.

    Proactive Planning

    Leverage data to avert potential cost overruns and issues.

    Simplified Management

    Manage critical risks and challenges on your project with past insights, and gain more in the margins.

    Predictable Outcomes

    With smart data, get more predictable outcomes and less ambiguity in project delivery.

    Better Insights for All

    Our real estate data analytics were created specifically to meet the needs of owners, developers, project management firms, and corporate/institutional real estate teams. We leverage automation and data analysis to drive proactive decision- making at every stage of a project's life cycle.

    Spend Time on Strategies, Not Spreadsheets

    Start a conversation with our experts today and see what Northspyre can do for you.

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