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    Oxbow Development Group Is Growing Their Pipeline & Completing Projects Faster

    At Oxbow, leaders say that Northspyre equips their team with the tools they need to drive higher ROI while bringing their finance and project teams together to deliver real estate development projects. Discover why Oxbow describes Northspyre as the right tool for what the real estate development world needs.

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    Northspyre's Impact on Oxbow Development Group

    Oxbow Development Group, a real estate development company primarily focused on transforming San Antonio, has seen significant improvements in their project management and budgeting processes since implementing Northspyre. The Director of Finance at Oxbow, Dan Petro, and Senior Project Manager, Andrew Sawyer, provided insights into how Northspyre has benefitted their operations.

    The Challenge: Managing Complex Projects with Excel

    Before Northspyre, Oxbow's project managers and development team relied heavily on Excel for budget management and project tracking. However, as Petro explained, "when you're working with very complicated projects, which is primarily what we focus on, they get very complicated, very fast." The team needed a solution that could handle complex projects with ease and without the burden typically imposed by traditional accounting systems.

    The Solution: Northspyre's User-Friendly Platform

    Northspyre's platform provided the flexibility and user-friendliness Oxbow needed. "One of my favorite features about Northspyre is the flexibility around budget management, budget reallocation, which allows everyone in the process to impact the budgets, move projects forward very quickly," Petro said.

    Sawyer added that Northspyre has been beneficial right from the start, helping with both pre-development and current construction projects. "It's just so much easier to use Northspyre, that we are able to put the amount of time into the important things as opposed to managing documents," he said.

    The Results: Efficient Budget Management and Error-Proof Budgets

    The implementation of Northspyre resulted in immediate improvements. Petro shared, "we immediately transitioned into 12 to 15 projects several hundred million dollars pipeline, and what we noticed was we're able to deliver cashflow projections, which is one of the key benefits we found from Northspyre, along with error-proof budgets."

    The platform also allowed the design and development teams to reallocate budgets quickly and easily, while still maintaining a separate accounting system with the necessary rigor. 

    Petro concluded, "Northspyre provided us a very, very user-friendly platform that was exactly what we needed and designed perfectly for what the real estate development world needs."

    This case study demonstrates how Northspyre's flexible, user-friendly platform can significantly improve project management and budgeting processes, particularly for companies dealing with complex projects. By allowing teams to manage budgets and reallocate funds more efficiently, Northspyre helps companies like Oxbow focus on what matters most: transforming communities through their development projects.

    Learn how Northspyre can help you increase margins across each of your projects.

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