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    Newell Development Reduces Development Costs and Gains Visibility Into Key Project Details

    Northspyre gives Newell Development a global view into their project budget, schedules, and scope so their team can take control of project outcomes and budgets. See why Newell’s finance and construction teams call Northspyre a critical tool for their development and real estate design.

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    Northspyre’s Impact on Newell DevelopmentA Single Consolidated System

    Northspyre is revolutionizing the real estate design and construction environment by providing a comprehensive, global view of project portfolios. This case study explores its impact on Newell Development, as shared by the company's Director of Construction Services, Jeremy Goucher, and the Director of Finance and Administration, Theresa Leslie.

    A Single Consolidated System

    Before Northspyre, Newell Development struggled with visibility and consistency of information across multiple platforms. As Jeremy Goucher explained, "Before Northspyre, visibility and consistency of that information was across multiple platforms. With Northspyre, that allows us to have one consolidated system, so we all know that what we're looking at is the most current, is the most accurate, and helps us improve our project management."

    Northspyre’s consolidated system offers a global view of project budgets, schedules, and scopes, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of project management. This comprehensive overview ensures all stakeholders are working from the most current, accurate information, streamlining decision-making and improving project outcomes.

    Reducing Development Costs

    Northspyre has also played a crucial role in reducing development costs for Newell Development. Theresa Leslie highlighted the platform's ability to provide visibility into areas where savings could be made based on comparisons with previous projects. "Northspyre's helped in reducing development costs by giving us visibility to areas that we can compare to previous projects and find savings," Leslie stated.

    By removing the manual work involved in comparative analysis, Northspyre saves time and resources, allowing the team to focus on strategic decision-making. It provides the tools to drill down into various sections of a project and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

    Improved Control Over Project Outcomes

    Northspyre’s ability to offer holistic budget tracking has significantly improved control over project outcomes. Goucher explained, "One of the ways that Northspyre has improved control over project outcomes has been the ability to have holistic budget tracking. What are the proposals that we approved? What are the bid values that we have approved? Have real-time data coming in as invoices are processed, but also the ability to, in the same system, track potential exposures that we haven't realized yet."

    This comprehensive tracking system provides real-time data, enabling teams to make informed decisions and manage potential risks effectively.

    Reliable Support

    Implementing new software can often come with concerns about support and responsiveness. However, Northspyre has consistently met and exceeded expectations in this area. "Any issue we've had, they've responded quickly. They really listen to us when we say oh, we would love to see X, Y, and Z added to this, super responsive, which is what we expected and it's actually what we're getting," Leslie affirmed.

    Northspyre’s commitment to customer support and responsiveness to feedback ensures that its platform continually evolves to meet the changing needs of its users.

    In conclusion, Northspyre has proven to be an invaluable tool for Newell Development, providing a comprehensive, consolidated system that improves project management, reduces costs, and enhances control over project outcomes. With reliable support and a responsive team, Northspyre continues to exceed expectations and revolutionize the real estate design and construction environment.

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