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    The Biggest Challenges & Opportunities Facing Commercial Real Estate Project Managers in 2023

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    Time-consuming administrative tasks and macroeconomic uncertainty are making it difficult for project managers to ensure complex projects finish on time and within budget.

    Based on original research compiled by Northspyre and NewtonX, commercial real estate project managers say they are spending too many hours focused on administrative tasks, relying on outdated, force-fit technology, and lacking solutions that can address their most significant worries.

    Download this original industry report to learn:

    • The preventable bottlenecks your project managers are facing daily. 
    • How project managers genuinely feel about the impact of rising inflation on project delivery.
    • How project managers believe the widening technology gap impacts their ability to deliver projects successfully. 

    Take an exclusive look into the unique challenges faced by project managers and discover how you can get more out of your team.

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