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    Multifamily Development Bill in Washington State Stalls

    A Washington State-sponsored bill, HB1782, has failed to move forward after a critical deadline.

    What’s New?

    The Washington State multifamily housing bill proposed to end exclusive single-family zoning for cities above 20,000 people failed to pass. Those cities were to allow duplexes or fourplexes on certain single-family lots, depending on proximity to frequent bus or train lines, thereby encouraging walkability and lowering the demand on car-based infrastructure. 

    For smaller cities, with at least 10,000 people, the bill would have allowed duplexes on lots that do not already have ADUs (accessory dwelling units). State legislatures met resistance from local governments on the premise that they did not want the state to dictate how cities respond to the housing shortage in Washington. Rep. Jessica Bateman, who sponsored the bill, will support cuts to the original bill to ensure it passes.

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    It’s estimated that between 2010-2015, Washington State underproduced housing by 225,000 homes. This makes Washington State the 8th highest on the list for US states with the most significant housing shortages.

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    Exciting Projects Transforming Seattle

    A vehicle service tower in Belltown is to be transformed into a hotel and multifamily tower. Third Place Design Co-Operative and Noya Hill Real Estate Development Company are behind the plans. 

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    Northlake Commons is an exciting project built using the sustainable contemporary technique referred to as mass timber construction, a low carbon alternative to concrete and steel construction. The commercial development contains 167,000sqft of space with lakefront views. The project achieved a LEED Gold rating. 

    The project team of Dunn Lumber family and award-winning developers Hess Callahan Grey Group, Spear Street Capital, and Weber Thompson Architects are behind this exciting project.

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    Capitol Hill’s new eight-story, mass timber City Market building, in the planning phase, has revealed the design of the mixed-use project. It will hold the Capitol Hill grocery as well as 98 residential units. The plans are to be reviewed by the East Design Review Board on Wednesday, February 23rd. Developer Juno has hired New York-based Ennead Architects to design this project. The original building, built in 1919, is to be demolished.

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