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    Keeping You On Track & On Budget

    Northspyre has been designed to enable every member of your team to drive project success

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    Northspyre automatically captures and organizes every project document, extracting data and categorizing across budget lines in minutes. Additionally, Northspyre's team of development experts ensure that every item is reviewed for accuracy and organized into easily digestible dashboards. 


    Budget Alerts & Opportunities

    Northspyre’s Anticipated Cost Report is your key risk detection tool and accurately tracks every aspect of your project finances including contingency, variance, available funds, cost per square foot, and acquisition costs and more

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    Actionable Analytics

    All of your data in Northspyre is tagged and indexed to enable quick and easy searching in contracts, proposals, and change orders, enabling you and your team to make data driven decisions across your portfolio


    Reporting Made Easy

    Generate critical project reporting faster, with no training necessary.

    Northspyre helps you inspire confidence and investment into your business while keeping your team from being bogged down with manual uploads and administrative tasks


    Early Project Planning

    With Northspyre, your team can leverage data and automation to bring projects to market faster. Say goodbye to gut decisions, error-prone spreadsheets, and information silos undermining your project before it even starts

    Our Products

    Here’s how we help you get your jobs done right.

    Northspyre Plan

    Start your project off on the right foot with Northspyre’s project planning platform. More efficiency. More transparency. And better project outcomes.

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    Changing The Way You Build Our Cities

    Increase your speed to market, decrease stress and simplify project development across your portfolio

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    What used to take a human being two days to put together, my team can today do in about two minutes because of Northspyre.

    Peter Chavkin Managing Partner | Biddle BREV

    I think if Read King didn't have a partnership with Northspyre, we would still be doing it the old way, the slower way, the less efficient way, and the more time consuming way.

    Rebecca Sears Accountant | Read King

    In 2017, we had roughly $350 million in assets under development. It was a very manual process, and it was very difficult for one person to keep up with. We currently have $800 million in assets under development. If we would've wanted to keep up with that growth, we would've ended up having to hire 2-3 other individuals. Instead, we invested in a platform like Northspyre, which has kept our costs low and the impact high.

    Clayton Harman Asst. VP Finances | Crawford Hoying

    The ROI of Northspyre can't be measured. It allows us to take on more projects.

    Shaun Gallagher VP of Development | GMH Communities

    Northspyre solved a lot of the problems that we were facing, but also presented solutions we didn't even know would be helpful.

    Erinn Welsh Accountant | GMH Communities

    The ability to easily track invoices and commitments against the budget - is just very, very sound and intuitive. It synced up with my mindset on how a development budget should be managed and gives me comfort that I can teach somebody that has a couple of years experience how to maintain a fundamentally sound development budget through relatively quick onboarding.

    Andrew Wetzler Senior Project Executive | Sterling Project Development, New York

    Having a customer success team with a background in real estate development allows them to put themselves in our shoes and understand where our pain points are. They understand the administrative side of running a development project, and that helps them speak the same language when we're trying to troubleshoot certain situations.

    Philip Cranmer VP of Development | Highline Storage

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