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    Accelerate Team Productivity

    Our software automates manual tasks like data entry and generates key reports all in one location. From draw requests to future strategies, you can focus on building better.

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    How Does Automation Work?

    Northspyre syncs with established email-based workflows to extract data from incoming project documents such as invoices or draw requests. The system sorts specific data sets —  like vendor costs — into easily understandable dashboards that track aggregated project information. You can easily manipulate sets for any strategy — all without manual data entry or errors.

    Common Issues Northspyre Automation Addresses

    Manual Errors

    Automation reduces the need for manual data entry — and the frequency of reporting errors that impact your bottom line.

    Wasted Time

    Our platform increases time spent on high-value strategic tasks and automates 80% of data management and reporting duties.

    Difficult Onboarding

    We give you organized, repeatable processes that make onboarding new team members easier.

    Margin Losses

    By eliminating errors and empowering teams, Northspyre reduces the likelihood you’re losing in your margins.

    How Automation Helps

    Transform Your Operations

    6 %
    Save on Projects Save as much as 6% on project costs
    66 %
    Reduce Overruns Reduce cost overruns by 22-66%

    The Implementation Process

    Here’s how Northspyre integrates with your team.

    What You Gain

    Our features give you more than just time back in your day.

    Simplified Tasks

    Northspyre takes care of all admin work so you don’t have to. Enjoy simplified data entry and analysis without the time commitment.

    Operational Control

    With a reduction in touchpoints and confusion regarding documentation and costs, you have more time to oversee operations and plan for the future.

    Unlimited Scalability

    When your business operations scale up, don’t start from scratch each time you bring on a new team member. Northspyre’s features aid repeatable processes, making scaling easy.

    Maximized Revenue

    With cost cuts, higher returns, business growth, and more, you’ll see increased performance like you’ve never experienced before.

    Smarter Tools, Built for You

    Our solutions were created specifically to meet the needs of owners, developers, project management firms, and corporate/institutional real estate teams.

    Spend Time on Strategies, Not Spreadsheets

    Start a conversation with our experts today and see what Northspyre can do for you.

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