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    Northspyre Platform

    Discover the ultimate solution for all of your real estate development needs. Make key project decisions with confidence, backed by the latest in commercial real estate technology.

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    How it Works

    Here's how Northspyre powers smarter projects, plans, strategies, and more.

    Targeted Commercial
    Real Estate Technology

    Explore our secondary solutions tailored to unique needs of the real estate development industry.


    Northspyre Plan

    Northspyre Plan makes getting ahead simple. Our early project planning-specific tool lets teams proactively establish a project budget and tackle entitlement, acquisition, pre-construction, and design tasks. You’re able to leverage cost reports, task tracking, data inbox, vendor overviews, and historical data to make smarter assumptions before you break ground. 

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    Our Products

    Here’s how we help you get your jobs done right.

    Northspyre Plan

    Start your project off on the right foot with Northspyre’s free project planning platform. More efficiency. More transparency. And better project outcomes.

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    Case Study

    How Northspyre Transformed ASH NYC Projects

    Northspyre's commercial real estate technology eliminated redundant data entry, broke down information silos, and delivered real-time access to project data for the development team at ASH NYC.

    “I have not seen anything else out there [with a similar] user interface and curvability."

    Before Northspyre

    • Redundant data entry by both the development and accounting team, leading to wasted time and discrepancies
    • Information silos between the development and accounting teams 
    • Reliance on error-prone spreadsheets
    • Higher risk of lost data — or limited access to critical data — that could help inform project decisions

    After Northspyre

    • Eliminated data entry and time wasted on administrative tasks without hiring more team members
    • A single source of truth with reliable, easily searchable data
    • Simplified and intuitive tracking of budget adjustments and change orders 
    "[These features are] specifically built for real estate project delivery needs."
    Jen Webber Director of Development at ASH NYC

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