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    Northspyre Blog

    August 31, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacts Real Estate Developers

    In mid-August, Pres. Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 into law, which aims to significantly... Continue Reading
    August 30, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    These are the Best Markets for Office Building Development

    Over the last two years, U.S. companies have had their teams work remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. But with... Continue Reading
    August 25, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    How to Speed Up Real Estate Development Reporting

    Reporting is an essential part of real estate development but also a source of frustration. Drafting draw request... Continue Reading
    August 24, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    3 Ways Owner's Rep Leaders Can Position their Firm as an Industry Frontrunner

    Becoming an industry leader in the commercial real estate development space is challenging because it is a highly... Continue Reading
    August 23, 2022
    Real Estate Technology

    How Real Estate Development Software Helps Recession-Proof Projects

    A combination of skyrocketing inflation and rising interest rates are pushing the United States toward recession, a... Continue Reading
    August 18, 2022
    Real Estate Technology

    Real Estate Fintechs Try Their Hand at Solving the Housing Crisis

    The US is in the midst of a housing crisis. Home prices have become unattainable—a problem that will only be... Continue Reading
    August 17, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    Is the Life Sciences Real Estate Boom Over?

    The looming U.S recession has cast a pall over the commercial real estate market, with sales tumbling by 16%... Continue Reading
    August 16, 2022
    Real Estate Technology

    3 Ways Real Estate Data Analytics Help Developers Earn Higher Returns

    In 2018, McKinsey & Co. published an article explaining why a data-driven approach to real estate development is better... Continue Reading
    August 11, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    Industrial Developers Are Suddenly Facing Headwinds

    Over the last decade, the industrial sector has become the most dominant force in the commercial real estate market.... Continue Reading

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