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    January 25, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    How Real Estate Development Software Helps Projects Stay Under Budget

    Most commercial real estate projects exceed their budgets and go beyond their timelines. A recent survey from IDC... Continue Reading
    January 18, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    4 Ways Real Estate Developers Can Reduce Project Errors

    Undeniably, commercial real estate projects are complex. With so many moving parts and people involved, these projects... Continue Reading
    January 11, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    What's Driving 2022's Commercial Real Estate Technology Revolution?

    Traditionally, commercial real estate had been slow to change, but this once tech-averse industry is now heading toward... Continue Reading
    January 6, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    3 Innovations in CRE Tech Helping Teams Make Better Decisions

    When thinking of tech-forward and innovative industries, what comes to mind?  Continue Reading
    January 4, 2022
    Real Estate Development

    Why Real Estate Data Analytics is Critical to Insuring Your Projects

    As the effects of climate change become apparent and the pandemic surges, real estate teams will need to consider how... Continue Reading
    December 28, 2021
    Real Estate Development

    Proptech Is Leading a New Era of Commercial Real Estate Transparency

    For nearly two decades, the commercial real estate industry has heeded calls for increased transparency from a host of... Continue Reading
    December 21, 2021
    Real Estate Development

    4 Reasons Real Estate Development PMs Get Promoted

    Being a real estate project manager has never been more challenging as we head into the new year. An unreliable... Continue Reading
    December 16, 2021
    Real Estate Technology

    Commercial Real Estate AI is the Key to Hitting ESG Targets

    We’ll probably never know if it was the global pandemic, the natural disasters that plagued the country or the... Continue Reading
    December 2, 2021
    Real Estate Development

    How to Compile your Draw Request Package 75% Faster

    At the end of every month, do you find yourself nose-deep trying to find all the invoices, budgets, receipts, lien... Continue Reading