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    Posts by Mary Kate McGrath


    Inside the Guessing Game: Interest Rate Predictions for 2024

    In commercial real estate, interest rates are always a hot topic. In the many years leading up to the pandemic, investors and developers were absorbed with trying to guess when interest rates—which at that time had been at historical lows for an extended period —would increase. Today, everyone is trying to guess when they will come down again. It’s a difficult game, particularly for investors trying to build a long-term acquisition and development strategy. This year, the interest conversation...

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    April 9, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    Everything Developers Need to Know About Live Work Play Communities

    Live-Work-Play communities are a type of mixed-use development based on the idea that residents don’t need to leave a... Continue Reading
    April 2, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    Understanding the Pros and Cons of Office-to-Residential Conversion

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing popularity of remote work has put office building owners in a difficult position.... Continue Reading
    March 26, 2024
    Real Estate Technology

    10 Ways Real Estate AI is Transforming the Industry

    The commercial real estate development industry, like many others, is set to be disrupted and enhanced by artificial... Continue Reading
    March 19, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    Unpacking the Net Zero Building: What Developers Need to Know

    Net zero buildings, or properties that produce as much energy as is consumed over the year, may soon become an... Continue Reading
    March 5, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    Everything You Need to Know About Cap Rate in Commercial Real Estate

    The capitalization rate (cap rate) is used to determine the expected return on investment on a rental property. Cap... Continue Reading
    February 27, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    A Real Estate Developer’s Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook

    The Biden Administration signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law in August of 2023, and the legislation is intended... Continue Reading
    February 13, 2024
    Real Estate Technology

    How Real Estate Development Software Unites Finance and Project Teams

    Over the course of a complex development process, your project management and financial teams need to communicate to... Continue Reading
    February 6, 2024
    Real Estate Technology

    How to Improve Your Real Estate Development Process in 2024

    The real estate market will have a mixed outlook in 2024, and while economists are hopeful the U.S. will avoid a... Continue Reading
    January 30, 2024
    Real Estate Development

    How Shifting Parking Minimums Impact CRE Development

    Parking minimums, which mandate a fixed number of off-street parking spots owners must provide for every residential,... Continue Reading

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