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    For Real Estate Developers

    Northspyre is the first real estate development system of record built by developers, for developers


    How Does it Work?

    Northspyre is the purpose-built, single software solution designed using automation to reduce manual data entry, increase productivity, and maximize your returns from pre-development to project completion. Our cloud based platform enables you and your teams to ensure every aspect of your project is readily at your fingertips for simple and effective development.

    Explore Northspyre

    Enabling Project Management Teams to $175 Billion in Projects

    Simple Processes

    Enable your teams to build repeatable and scalable project processes, further increasing your efficiency and lowering costs

    Unmatched Visibility

    Quickly view the progress and historical data on every project in your portfolio and have secure access to your projects on any device, any time.

    Your Data, Anywhere

    Measure the success of your portfolio reliably and consistently without complicated spreadsheets and version control issues

    Command Center

    Use Northspyre to optimize your current projects and help you plan future ones. From pre planning through to completion, saving time and money along the way

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    Case Study

    Changing The Way Ash Develops

    Firm with a focus on creative hotel, residential and restaurant projects in rapidly transforming
    urban neighborhoods across the United States.

    "Just 17 steps that required a bunch of people entering the same information to different systems"

    Before Northspyre

    “Our current system is excel based and also ripe with the potential for human error and we realized we needed a better system than this. So in came Northspyre.”

    “We were doing a lot of redundant data entry. I would get an invoice and I would send it to accounting, they would enter it in QuickBooks and they would send a transaction log back, I would enter that into my budget, then I would put it all out then I would get it approved then I would send it back to accounting. Just 17 steps that required a bunch of people entering the same information to different systems a bunch of different times."

    After Northspyre

    “I have not seen anything else out there that has the user interface and the curvability that is specifically built for real estate project delivery needs. Not to mention, the simplicity in tracking of budget adjustments is beautiful."

    "I would absolutely recommend Northspyre to other teams looking to eliminate redundant data entry, break down information silos between departments, and have real-time access to project data for better decision-making”

    "...frankly a little shocking that no one has thought of this before"
    Jen Webber Director of Development

    The Northspyre Difference

    80 %
    Trim Costs Reduce Administrative tasks by up to 80%
    66 %
    Reduce Overruns Lowering your project overruns by up to 66%

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