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    Your Real Estate Development Command Center

    Northspyre's most significant update is live. Discover the revolutionary new additions that'll give you command over every aspect of your real estate projects.

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    Using data gathered through the 125 billion dollars worth of projects run through Northspyre fused algorithmic intelligence, we can tell you what your projects should cost based on your project location and asset class, among other factors. 

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    Construction Pay Tracker

    Invite your general contractor to create their own free account, where their data will always sync with yours, and eliminate emails and calls back and forth to settle on a final work-in-place amount. Your general contractors can also invite their subcontractors, who will be able to add line items or edit their work in place, which will then go to the general contractor for approval.

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    Robust Schedule Management

    Easily view and manage your entire project schedule, including critical path analysis and dependencies, all laid out clearly in a Gantt chart view.

    Quickly identify which tasks are on schedule and which ones require your immediate attention. Our visualized critical path empowers you to proactively mitigate potential risks to your project, ensuring that you meet budget and timeline goals every time.

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    Vendor Directory

    We’ve created an easy way to see your organization’s vendors, along with their history and your relationships. That means when you click into a particular vendor, you’ll be able to write notes about the relationship, track files that have been shared between you and your vendor, see how each vendor is impacting specific budget lines they’re associated with, and store their contact information.

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    Document Library

    With our Document Library, you can manage any document type throughout the project lifecycle, from due diligence to design and closeout files. You don't have to worry about searching for files in different places because everything is stored in one centralized location.

    Collaborating with your team has never been easier. You can share documents seamlessly and get them approved by leadership without ever leaving the platform. 

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