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    Q2 Product Announcements


    Tune in On-Demand for the unveiling of Northspyre’s new Q2 product offerings: Complex Capital Management and Portfolio Analytics Plus!

    We’re excited to introduce this pair of add-on solutions purpose-built to help development teams navigate the growing complexities of the commercial real estate industry.

    These solutions will enable you to:

    • Monitor increasingly complex capital stacks on your development deals with source tracking automation and compliance risk checks including LIHTC 50% Test Compliance
    • Auto-generate highly configurable draw reports to satisfy unique lender requirements
    • Engage in smarter capital planning with source funding and spending use projections across your portfolio
    • Benchmark and analyze cost and vendor performance across your current and historical portfolio
    • And much more!

    Watch On-Demand

    Hear from Northspyre Customers

    I have not seen anything else that was specifically built for the needs of real estate development projects. I would absolutely recommend Northspyre to other development teams looking to eliminate redundant data, break down information silos between departments, and have real time access to project data.

    Jen Webber Director of Development | ASH NYC, New York

    The reason why I always suggest Northspyre is that the access and interest of the leadership of Northspyre — its founders, its coders, its developers — [in your projects] is so much…and that’s a unique benefit.

    Ted Finnerty Vice President | Leggat McCall Properties, Boston

    I'm the youngest person at this company, and I want to bring more products like Northspyre onboard that streamline much of what we do the old way and make them a great deal easier.

    Sam Mitchell Developer | Urban Realty Partners