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    Baltimore Real Estate Investors Find New Hub in Local Market

    Baltimore is in the midst of a construction boom and continuing to plan new developments and redevelopment projects which are popping up all over town.

    What’s New?

    At the end of 2021, Baltimore’s apartment sales reached an all time high of $4B.

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    The pandemic has had a lasting effect on the real estate market in Baltimore. Investors have continued to flock towards Baltimore, acquiring substantial real estate properties including Exelon Tower and The Rotunda.

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    Exciting Projects Transforming Baltimore

    The Howard Hughes Corporation has confirmed plans for the redevelopment of the Lakefront district in downtown Columbia. $325M will be invested in creating new office, retail, and residential space in the area.

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    Port Covington, a $5.5B development project is headed by Weller development. This is one of the largest urban revitalization projects underway in the world and will include residences, office, and retail space.

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    28 Walker has proposed plans for a new Lakefront community in the Port Covington area in Baltimore. The planned development will include over 800 residences, including new apartments and townhouses.
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