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    October 19, 2021

    How Modern is Your Real Estate Development Team?

    Are you putting your best real estate development team forward for each of your projects? Are you ensuring your team is capable of preventing budget overruns and providing high-quality updates to your financial partners?

    With the onset of new technology, modern commercial real estate development teams are beginning to set themselves apart and build their reputations throughout the small developer community.

    Does your team make the cut?

    You may have complex project management spreadsheets, are force-fitting your development needs into legacy software, or are even developing internal proprietary software, but that doesn't necessarily make your team modern.

    Spreadsheets and most legacy solutions require inefficient and error-prone manual data entry and developing internal software comes with inherent risk. By the time you've spent hundreds of thousands developing a propriety solution, your team has missed out on months, if not years of usage and has to go through a steep learning curve before working it into their day-to-day workflow. Not to mention the effort put into building your own software - time better spent focused on your team's core competencies.

    In the infographic below, we've broken down the different types of project teams we encounter and dive into what it takes to be a top-tier, modern real estate development team.

    Northspyre_PM Maturity Curve-1

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