Productivity + Automation


Reduce the time it takes to run a real estate project by 30-40%. Eliminate admin tasks, manual reporting, information gathering, document filing and data entry.

How does it work?

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Draw Request Automation

Create a ready-to-send funding request package in seconds without days of sorting, compiling, scanning, and human mistakes.


DATA Inbox

Eliminate data entry and manual file uploads. The Data Inbox syncs into your email-based workflow to capture data from incoming project documents-- leaving you to focus on just the strategic tasks, the Northspyre robot does the tedious administrative work.

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Search through data faster

Northspyre smartly indexes all documents-- invoices, commitments, contracts,  proposals, insurance docs, etc.--making it easy to find the documents or data you need and answer difficult questions from your partners or solve problems quickly and confidently.


Key REporting Automation

Every report you need to run a complex real estate project is automatically generated. Glean powerful insights in seconds as if you had a team of brilliant project analysts. 

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What could you do if you got 40% of your project staffing hours back? 



Make more money -- Run more projects, increase development fees and margins




Spend time on higher value tasks -- the opportunity cost of focusing on low value work is expensive



Run a leaner, more nimble operation