Data + Analytics


Old way = slow, gut driven, reactive decision making. New way = faster, data-empowered, proactive decision-making.

How does it work?

Smart Data Index (fast search for key documents)

Northspyre smartly indexes all of your contracts, proposals, change orders,  potential costs and more on your project, so you can easily search through all of this data to ask difficult questions and get immediate answers. That way, you can stay on your front foot and be proactive, instead of wasting hours maintaining various tracking logs or searching for information and files.


Automated Benchmarking

Benchmark costs across your current and historical projects automatically. Negotiate smarter. Understand risks better. Make more informed underwriting assumptions.

Portfolio Analytics-2


Vendor Global Data-1
Vendor analysis and tracking

Gain a global view of everything that is happening with a given vendor in real-time on your project (and across your portfolio), whether it’s everything that has happened like spending trends, invoices and commitments OR things you expect to happen like potential costs.


Copilot Analytics for Incoming Data

Northspyre not only eliminates data-entry and manual file uploads, but it proactively alerts you to challenges and opportunities related to the impact of that data on your project.

Copilot alerts-1

Be a data-empowered real estate team.



Data-driven assumptions during initial project estimates based on smartly indexed historical cost data



Smarter buyout decisions by evaluating vendors in the context of their peers



Leverage data alerting you to critical cost overruns and issues impacting the success of your project



Get ahead of and manage critical risks and challenges on your project