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A modern intelligence platform for
leading real estate project teams.


Modern real estate teams are turning to Northspyre.

We're helping leading real estate teams across the country harness automation + data analytics to easily and predictably deliver projects on-time and on-budget.


Not your standard spreadsheet or legacy application.

Northspyre is a cloud-based intelligence platform that empowers real estate professionals to make proactive, data-driven decisions on development, capital and asset projects across real estate project types. Northspyre’s next-generation technology is dedicated to helping teams deliver even the most complex project or portfolio on-time and on-budget.  

Who We Serve

We work with leading owners, developers, project management firms (or owner's reps) as well as internal corporate and institutional real estate teams. Our focus is on generating value for entire teams; everyone from the project manager up to the founder and CEO.

What They Manage

Our clients manage a wide breadth of project and portfolio sizes (budgets from $100K – $500MM+) and types, including, but not limited to: ground-up developments, multifamily, mixed-use, industrial, retail + office fit-outs, corporations and museums.

How We're Different

Unlike legacy applications, conventional software solutions and construction mgmt tools, Northspyre was built specifically for owners. It leverages automation, data analytics and proactive intelligence to eliminate distracting administrative work, information silos and gut decision-making.


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Don't just take our word - hear from our happy customers.

"Prior to Northspyre, I was wondering if I should add staff - how do I get myself out from underwater? I had to do a lot of legwork in Excel and gather files before sitting down with my architect or contractor to negotiate. Someone in my role has to come with data."

– Jean Savitsky | Director, Real Estate Expansion at The Museum of Modern Art, NYC

"The reason why I always suggest Northspyre when people are asking, is that the access and interest of the leadership of Northspyre - its founders, its coders, its developers - is so much…and that’s a unique benefit of working with Northspyre."

– Ted Finnerty | Leggat McCall Properties, Boston

"With Northspyre, when I’m doing my draw, when I’m doing my forecasting, all my data is already in Northspyre and I don’t have to go get it from another team member or my accounting department - making it a much quicker process… I’m much more efficient and in control."

– Jonathan Thomas | S.J. Collins, Atlanta | Featured: The Interlock


Supercharge your ability to deliver complex projects.

Unparalleled Visibility + Transparency

Unparalleled Visibility + Transparency

Track critical project metrics across a single project or an entire portfolio in a single, forward-looking platform (with informative data visualizations). Quickly access and share real-time reports with your financial partners, executive team or clients so they are always kept up-to-date with current information. 

Proactive Insights

Proactive Insights

Leverage project and portfolio data to address potential opportunities and challenges well before they happen, ensuring your project remains on-track and on-budget. Why rely on data from 30 days in the past when you could accurately forecast 60 days, six months or one year into the future?

Access to Real-time Data

Access to Real-time Data

Put your current and historical data to use. Stop relying on gut feelings. Access smartly indexed, easily filtered data to make fast, informed decisions at every stage of your project. Join the ranks of other high-skilled industries (finance and energy) by leveraging data to drive significant cost-savings.


Upgrade with Northspyre.

Upgrade with Northspyre

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What is Northspyre?

Northspyre is a cloud-based intelligence platform that harnesses the power of automation and data analytics to: simplify workflows, save valuable time, eliminate inefficiencies, identify cost-saving opportunities, generate key actionable insights and increase visibility into project metrics . Northspyre was designed and built specifically for real estate professionals who run complex, budget-driven projects: developers, asset managers, project management firms, internal real estate teams at institutions and corporations, etc. It is not construction manager software force-fitted to real estate owners like many options currently on the market.

Who does it serve?

We work with leading owners, developers, project management firms (or owner's reps) as well as internal corporate and institutional real estate teams. Our clients manage a wide breadth of project sizes (budgets from $100K – $500MM+) and types, including, but not limited to: ground-up developments, multifamily, mixed-use, industrial, retail + office fit-outs, corporations, and museums.

How is it different than what's already on the market?

Most software systems move the work you were doing in spreadsheets into the cloud or a desktop application... but you still have to do all the time-consuming work like data entry and putting together monthly cost reports. Northspyre takes things a step further by eliminating entire workflows by leveraging the power of automation, while using its intelligence to proactively comb through your project data and offer critical insights and actionable next steps - keeping you on schedule and within budget.

When should I bring Northspyre into a project?

We recommend looping Northspyre into your project at the very beginning - when you are planning, designing and getting the necessary entitlements. Most real estate teams pay close attention to the construction schedule once ground-break happens BUT many delays actually happen before a project even starts due to bottleneck decision-making.

For example, if a project lead is busy working on requisitions, they may fall a day behind in releasing an RFP for demolition contractors or in filing permit paperwork. Losing even just 1-3 workdays every month for a year can cause a project to fall 1-2 months behind schedule - and that's before you've even started construction. Northspyre can help with that.

Project already underway? We make it super easy by porting over all of your existing data from spreadsheets or ledgers (whatever you have) into Northspyre. You just keep running your project and, over the course of 2-10 business days, we'll handle everything on the back-end. We'll also do a peer review to identify any errors or discrepancies -- we often find inconsistencies in spreadsheets that clients were completely unaware of previously.

How does the pricing work? Are there long-term contracts? What about hidden fees?

Our pricing is tailored for each different customer segment and our clients’ individual project needs. For frame of reference: pricing can be monthly, based on license tiers for multiple projects in an organization, etc. We'll make it work for your business model. Just ask.

And there are no hidden fees. We are completely transparent and work with you to make sure you know understand exactly what you are getting when you sign up.


We're a mix of real estate, tech and business professionals.

William Sankey

Co-founder and CEO

Previous Experience

Jones Lang LaSalle

Macklowe Properties

Madison Realty Capital



B.A. Architecture, Yale 

Masters, Real Estate/Planning, Harvard 

Full-Stack Web Development, Udacity

Mark McCorkle


Previous Experience



Bratton Technologies 


Proclivity Media 

BluePrint Data

Andrew Tam


Previous Experience


Princeton Consultants 

Samsung Electronics



B.S. Math & Mech. Engineering, UPenn 

Masters, Mech. Engineering, UPenn

Neil Griffin

VP, Sales

Previous Experience

KOW Building Consultants

JE Dunn Construction



B.S Architectural Engineering, UT - Austin

Susan Liu

Board Director, Former Head of Growth


Boston Consulting Group

Clinton Health Access Initiative



B.A. Political Sci. & Psych., Yale 

MBA, UPenn - The Wharton School

MPA, Harvard