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Discover the first proactive intelligence technology built for real estate developers and owners.

  • Increase returns, earn higher fees and get to market faster than the competition
  • Strengthen relationships with executive teams, financial partners and other key stakeholders
  • Gain access to real-time data for faster, more informed decision-making
  • Consistently deliver projects on-time and on-budget
  • Preserve institutional knowledge in a centralized, single source of truth database
  • Account for potential challenges and opportunities before they occur
What we do

Northspyre feeds high performing development teams: 

REAL-TIME BUDGET ACTUALS: Project information is automatically pulled into the system and updates your budget in real-time with no data entry, delays, or risk of human error.


COLLABORATIVE EXPOSURE LOGS: Everyone on the project team can log in and create an estimate or send in a proposal of potential costs on a project at the first moment they get word a change order might be coming, creating a complete audit trail. 


ANALYTICS ON POTENTIAL COST: Northspyre’s Anticipated Cost Report instantly crunches the numbers on commitments, invoices, and exposures to calculate the risk of overrun.


PROACTIVE WARNINGS OF POTENTIAL OVERRUNS: Northspyre will box line items in red if there’s a potential challenge and notify the team of the dollar figure of the potential overrun.


DETAILED VIEWS AND HIGH-LEVEL DASHBOARDS: The anticipated cost rolls up for the entire project, is projected out month over month, and populates a portfolio-wide report.


The Result

Teams using Northspyre spot potential budget overruns earlier and take proactive actions to mitigate risk.


Ensure you are making strategic, data driven decisions and proactively minimizing potential risk associated with your project.
forward-looking data Northspyre

Harness forward-looking data to drive decision-making instead of using backward-looking reports like draw requests.

vendor management Northspyre

Make all data and documents searchable and smartly indexed for easier access, faster decision-making and better vendor management.

automation and AI Northspyre

Leverage automation and artificial intelligence to do the legwork-- cost benchmarking, compiling paperwork for monthly reporting, and building accurate forecasts.

client testimonials

Don't just take our word - hear from our happy clients.

Jean Savitsky

"Prior to Northspyre, I was wondering if I should add staff - how do I get myself out from underwater? I had to do a lot of legwork in Excel and gather files before sitting down with my architect or contractor to negotiate. Someone in my role has to come with data."

Jean Savitsky

Director, Real Estate Expansion at The Museum of Modern Art, New York


"The reason why I always suggest Northspyre when people are asking, is that the access and interest of the leadership of Northspyre - its founders, its coders, its developers - is so much…and that’s a unique benefit of working with Northspyre."

Ted Finnerty

Vice President, Leggat McCall Properties, Boston

S.J. Collins

"With Northspyre, when I’m doing my draw, when I’m doing my forecasting, all my data is already in Northspyre and I don’t have to go get it from another team member or my accounting department - making it a much quicker process… I’m much more efficient and in control."

Jonathan Thomas

Vice President, S.J. Collins, Atlanta | Featured: The Interlock